East Ayrshire Vacancies

East Ayrshire Vacancies this area covers – list the places.

Support Worker for Amy (DC/AM)

Amy lives in her own home in East Ayrshire. She is a very energetic young woman who loves living life to the full. She has a very full social life and enjoys going shopping, pamper sessions, meeting friends, listening to her music, dancing and going on holiday. Amy has a wide circle of friends who she likes to meet up with on a regular basis
  1. Hours: 14 hours & Adhoc
  2. Rate of Pay: £8:45 plus overnight payment
  3. Area: Kilmarnock, East Ayrshire
  4. Employer: Just Connections
  5. Closing Date: 20 December 2017
  6. Reference: DC/AM

Support Worker for Daniel (HW/DMCK)

Hi my name is Daniel I am a young name who lives in his own home in East Ayrshire. I am looking for an casual worker to join my small hard working team. I like going out in my car so its essential you have a driving license . I love to interact with my team and sing songs. I like to dance and go to discos.  I like to help out in the kitchen at meal teams. I like my house to be kept tidy and clean and my team must respect this. I like to be dressed trendy and stylish..
  1. Hours: Casual
  2. Rate of Pay: £8:45 plus overnight payment
  3. Area: Kilmarnock
  4. Employer: Partners for Inclusion
  5. Closing Date: 15 December 2017
  6. Reference: HW/DMCK

Support Worker LM/PC

I'm looking to recruit a support worker, male or female, to join my team. I live in the Kilmarnock area and looking for someone who is very social as I have a wide circle of friends and I need you to support me to keep in touch with them & my family as they mean the world to me so you would have to support me visit them. I love spending time going walks, discos and days out, I also like going my holidays abroad and weekend breaks in the Uk so you would have to enjoy travelling. Routines are important to me to be independent as well as supporting me to keep my home clean tidy.  I also own a car which I really going enjoy drives in so a driver would be essential.
  1. Hours: 14hrs Variable
  2. Rate of Pay: £8:45 plus overnight payment
  3. Area: Kilmarnock
  4. Employer: Partners for Inclusion
  5. Closing Date: 19 November 2017
  6. Reference: LM/PC

Support Workers For (ZM/LL)

At the Partners for Inclusion Group we are always looking for innovative ways to provide support.  Linking Lives was conceived to afford people support that is tailored and provided in a way that makes sense to them.  Linking Lives offers lighter touch services ranging from support packages of 1 to 45 hours per week.  Many of the people supported by Linking Lives use the support to assist them with their social life and forging community links, and for some people it is about support with daily living skills and/or employment and education. This is a great opportunity to be part of Linking Lives as it grows and develops within our organisation. We are looking for vibrant and energetic individuals to join an ever growing team.  You should also be flexible and able to plan and adapt to different situations.
  1. Hours: 30 hour contract, shift work including evenings, weekends and public holidays
  2. Rate of Pay: £8:45
  3. Area: North, South & East Ayrshire
  4. Employer: Linking Lives
  5. Closing Date: 3 December  2017
  6. Reference: ZM/LL/Ayr

Support Worker for James (CP/AW)

James is a young outgoing man who loves a laugh and joke with his staff. He likes to get out and about for long walks whatever the weather. He has his own car and needs staff that can drive him around to the places he likes to visit. He enjoys swimming, music, and people watching. James needs staff that can keep clear boundaries and structure in his daily routines and likes his staff to be creative, find new things for him to experience and encourage him to try new activities and make the most of life! Although James loves to get out and about he also needs someone who can adapt to different situations as he also likes to chill out at home.
  1. Reference: CP/AW
  2. Hours: Variable – shift work including evening, weekends, and public holidays
  3. Rate of Pay: £8:45 per hour
  4. Area: East Ayrshire
  5. Employer: Partners for Inclusion
  6. Closing Date: 8 December 2017