East Renfrewshire Vacancies

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Job Advert for Dominic (ZM/LL/DOM)

A fantastic opportunity has arisen to join a great team supporting a young man in Newton Mearns to live more independently. Dominic is looking for someone who like himself has a great sense of humour and enjoys going for drives, eating out, listening to music and going along to live gigs. Dominic is a fan of Elvis, Johnny cash, Elton John and Billy Joel to mention just a few. He also really enjoys Scottish/Irish traditional folk music and likes to go along to his local pubs especially when there is live music playing. Dominic is looking for someone who is energetic and forward thinking, with good communication and social skills and who is able to adapt to different situation. Does this sound like you?
  1. Ref: ZM/LL/DOM
  2. Hours: 10 hours variable
  3. Rate of Pay: £8:45
  4. Area: Newton Mearns, East Renfrewshire
  5. Employer: Linking Lives
  6. Closing Date: 18 March 2018

Support Practitioner for Gavin (CP/JT)

Gavin is looking for someone to join his existing team, he enjoys getting out and about and is very sociable. He has lived in his current home for around 18months  now and has become familiar with his area in this time. Gavin is interested in a range of topics including music and technology, he likes to spend some of his time visiting shopping centres and looking for bargains. He responds well to staff who are outgoing and able to reassure him if required.
  1. Ref: CP/JT
  2. Hours: 30 hours variable
  3. Rate of Pay: £8:45
  4. Area: East Renfrewshire,
  5. Employer: Partners for Inclusion
  6. Closing Date: 2 March 2018

Support Practitioner for Jason (KC/JWM)

Jason is young man who lives in East Renfrewshire this is his first home of his own. Jason is well known is his local community and enjoys being out and about meeting new people People who know Jason say he is very artistic and is friendly with great sense of humour Jason loves being around people, he needs  to know what is going on and likes clear communication Working with Jason is very rewarding as he enjoys visiting new places and learning about new things
  1. Ref: KC/JWM
  2. Hours: 14 hours variable, shift work may include evening, weekends, and public holidays
  3. Rate of Pay: £8:45 plus £75.00 overnight payment
  4. Area: East Renfrewshire,
  5. Employer: Just Connections
  6. Closing Date: 30 March 2018

Support Practitioner for Stuart (KC/SH)

Stuart is an energetic young man who lives within his own home in East Renfrewshire  he requires support within his home and out and about. Stuart  enjoys going for walks in around his community and Glasgow City Centre visiting bars and cafe's of his choice Stuart really enjoys swimming, ice skating, roller blading music of his choice and trampolines. Stuart has his own car which his team drive he enjoys going out for a drive to visit new places.Stuart is a real thrill seeker, he is very friendly and can be quite tactile Stuart has a very close family that he spend time with every week
  1. Ref: KC/SH
  2. Hours: 20 Hours per week variable
  3. Rate of Pay: £8:45 -  plus overnight payment
  4. Area: East Renfrewshire,
  5. Employer: Just Connections
  6. Closing Date: 30 March 2018