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About us

This page tells you what kind of organisation Partners for Inclusion Group is. On the right are links to more information about Partners.
Partners for Inclusion Group story so far Partners for Inclusion was established as an independent charity...


This is the original part of the organisation that was established in 2004. The aim was and remains to this day to provide truly personalised support, using individualised teams and Individual Services Funds.

Just Connections

Just Connections vision for vulnerable people to be at the heart of their communities, sharing their talents and skills for everyone – It’s all about making connections which helps give us all resilience  through the ups and down...


At Partners for Inclusion Group, we are always looking for innovative ways to provide support.  Linking Lives, was conceived to afford people support that is tailored and provided in such a way that makes sense to them.

Privacy Notice

The Partners for Inclusion Group is aware of its obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and is committed to processing data securely and transparently. This privacy notice sets out, in line with GDPR, the types of data that we...

A career in social care?

Looking For A Career In Social Care?  Some of the staff at Partners For Inclusion share their experiences and encourage you to go for it!