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Female Support Practitioners for Jackie (ZM/LL/JH)

Jackie is a mature lady who is young at heart and living in her own home, she is looking for people to support her with some daily living tasks  including personal care and getting out about, going to work, college and socialising with friends and family. Jackie is great company and loves a bit of banter and a good gossip, she is well know in her local community and enjoys having a chat with people when she is out.  She enjoys going to the occasional shows and concerts with a big favourite being Sydney Devine, going out for lunch or dinner and spending time with family especially on special occasions.  Jackie enjoys a dance class at college and has worked in the local charity shop for many years where she is a valued and respected staff member.  At home Jackie likes to listen to her music, do her jigsaw puzzles and also some people watching from her window which looks on to a busy street.
  1. Ref:  ZM/LL/JH
  2. Hours: 17 and 21 hours contracts available including evenings, weekends and public holidays
  3. Rate of Pay: £8:75
  4. Area:  Renfrewshire/Paisley
  5. Employer: Linking Lives
  6. Closing Date: 23 November 2018

Support Practitioner for Jim (MS/LB/IH)

We are looking for a highly motivated out going confident, with a great sense of humour to person to provide support to a young man living in his own home.  Jim enjoys socialising, listening to music, walking, going out in his car, trying new adventure' s. You should have a good knowledge and understanding of supporting someone to live in their own home and experience in supporting people to make friends, build connection's in there local area. Have a good sense of humour Be patient, energetic, have good communication skills, be a Enthusiastic and organised team player..
  1. Hours: Part Time 2 x 14 hours - shift work including evening, weekends, and public holidays
  2. Rate of Pay: £8:75 plus overnight payment
  3. Area: East Renfrewshire
  4. Employer: Partners for Inclusion
  5. Closing Date: 15 December 2018
  6. Reference: MS/LB/IH

Support Practitioner for Peter (VK/KA)

We support Peter who is a young man in his early twenties who resides in his family home in Renfrew. Peter enjoys going for walks for hours on end, he is also very passionate about learning martial arts and also enjoys using his play station. Peter likes to spend time with family and friends on a regular basis. It is fair to say that he has a very quirky sense of humour.  Peter is looking to recruit a new team to support him to help him do all the things he likes.
  1. Ref: VK/KA
  2. Hours: 20 hours, (hours negotiable)
  3. Rate of Pay: £8:75
  4. Area: Renfrew
  5. Employer: Partners for Inclusion
  6. Closing Date: 21 December 2018