About us

This page tells you what kind of organisation Partners for Inclusion Group is. On the right are links to more information about Partners.

Partners for Inclusion Group story so far Partners for Inclusion was established as an independent charity in 2004 providing tailormade support for people who have a learning or mental health difficulty, or both. Before Self-directed Support became a requirement, Partners was one of a small number of organisations that was already putting people in control of their own lives. We supported many people who in the past were described as ‘challenging’, or who had a long history of being excluded and not had a chance to live an ordinary life.

Working closely with families, we developed person-centered service designs, so that each person has:

  • Their own budget for support – it’s not mixed in with other people’s money.
  • Support that suits them – no two support services are the same.
  • Their own support staff matched to what they need and are interested in their own home.

An independent evaluation (Diversity Matters, 2004) found Partners for Inclusion:

“An excellent example of an organisation offering individually tailored support. It is visionary, knowledgeable and thoughtful, unique of its kind, and has been designed and structured considerately to suit the people it supports.”

In response to increasing demand, Just Connections, was established. It works in the same way, focussing particularly on helping younger people make connections in their communities, providing truly personalised support with every service being different to suit the needs and wishes of the supported person and their family.

In addition, we have developed Linking Lives which takes the same approach and is aimed at those who have less intensive support requirements.

We also set up Dates and Mates Ayrshire (known as DM2) a friendship, relationship and social project run for and by people with a learning disability across Ayrshire.

We also deliver training and consultation to a range of organisations across the UK.

These four services are known collectively as the Partners for Inclusion Group. The Partners for Inclusion Group has grown by supporting one person at a time. The focus has not been on growing the organisation but on helping the people we support to grow. We have supported people to respond to the challenges and opportunities that come their way, so that they can continue to grow and develop. Whilst the Partners for Inclusion Group has evolved as people’s lives have moved on, we have ensured that our fundamental philosophy and culture informs structures and practices that can deliver real change and ‘truly person-centred services’.

The Care Inspectorate said in Partners 2014 Inspection Report: Partners for Inclusion Group Strategic Plan 2015 – 2018 6

“The service has taken person-centred service delivery to a high level and this is the focus of all that they do and of all decisions made and development undertaken. All consideration and planning started with the service user and developed from there… The service’s policy of providing care and support in small, dedicated and established support teams appears to be having demonstrable results.”

The secret to our success has been the people who have come to work with the Partners for Inclusion Group. They don’t just pay lip service to the principles of inclusion, but really believe that living ordinary lives in ordinary places is not too much to ask; that we all need active friendships and relationships with people who love us; that we have dreams and aspirations that must be heard; that in a free society we should have power and control over what we do with our lives; that inclusion treasures diversity and builds community; that together we are better and that all means ALL! These underlying principles have made working with the Partners Group more than a job. Our people feel they are part of a movement that is creating a more fair and inclusive society.