At Partners for Inclusion Group, we are always looking for innovative ways to provide support.  Linking Lives, was conceived to afford people support that is tailored and provided in such a way that makes sense to them.
Linking Lives logo

Linking Lives offers lighter touch services, ranging from support packages of 1 to 45 hours per week.

Many of the people supported by Linking Lives, use the support to assist them with their social life and forging community links, and for some people it is about support with daily living skills and/or employment and education.

This approach means we do not have one ‘model’ of support but rather we try to offer support that suits your lifestyle in a dynamic and refreshing way.

If you think  Linking Lives might be of help to you please don’t hesitate to contact us for a chat on the main office number 01563 825555, Monday to Friday between 9.00am – 5.00pm and ask for Linking Lives.