This is the original part of the organisation that was established in 2004. The aim was and remains to this day to provide truly personalised support, using individualised teams and Individual Services Funds.

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Put another way:

  • You choose who are members of your support team and the support make sense to you
  • The money for your support which mostly comes from local authorities is used for you not simply added to an organisations budget to provide support to a group of people.

Over time some of the people Partners support have change, for some as their independence has grown and they are now supported by another part of the group Linking Lives. Some people Partners support have remained but in all instances people grown and changed as life moves on and rightly so their support changes as they grow.

We believe that we all need support in our lives and that this support needs to be offered in the spirit of humanity and mutual regard – no one wants support thrust upon them by someone who thinks they know best or by someone who is simply doing a job. That’s why as with the rest of the PFI we place a strong emphasis of on a person only gets support from someone they have chosen to be in their support team.

As an organisation we remain cautious about growing too large and so to to keep Partners small, interment and with its own dedicated management team we established Just Connections in 2010.