What people say

Here you can read what people say about Partners and its work.

The best way of finding out if something is good or not is to ask people. This is what people say about Partners.

People who use Partners’ support

I really deserve a chance in life. everyone deserves a chance.  I don’t judge folk. Who am I to judge. I was put in care when I was six months old. basically I was passed from pillar to post. I was put with a foster family when I was 13 and it was them who got me into Partners for Inclusion. Partners have been supportive all the way through this. They were scared for me in case I got attacked. I’m not ready for my relationship with Partners for Inclusion to end yet but one day it will and I’ll miss it. I would definitely be in an institution if it wasn’t for Partners.  I wouldn’t be part of society. Actually I would probably have killed myself.

Families and friends of people who use Partners’ support

We have learned so much from working with Partners. I wish we had the information years ago that we have now because we understand so much better.  We would have handled things with Adele very differently.  With her learning disabilities and the usual teenage difficulties things have been very hard. No one ever asked Adele what she actually wanted. We have had so many social workers in the past.  We’ve lost count.

People in other organisations

I have worked with Sam for five years. I had never worked with Partners for Inclusion before.  They are very different to the organisations I usually work with. Sam has presented lots of challenges and the Partners team have kept him at the centre of everything they do. I have been very impressed by them and, from a personal point of view, they have been a joy to work with.  They have had to be innovative and flexible because Sam’s behaviour was so chaotic and risky. He is a lot more settled now. There has to be a subtle assessment of risk all the time. I can’t fault them – another organisation would have struggled. Sam has changed a great deal.  He is less impulsive and engages with his support team. One day, he could do well with minimal support. Perhaps he won’t need support at all.

People who work for Partners

I’ve supported Jane from when she was in an institution and I’ve seen massive changes.  Jane is a completely different person because she got the life she wanted.

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