BBC Radio 4’s History on the Edge.

BBC Radio 4 recently took a look back at some of the reasons why people were put into the long stay hospital institutions which became Lennox Castle in the Lennoxtown area of Glasgow. The programme also looks at the way people with learning disabilities were treated and viewed whilst there!

At times the programme is hard to listen to in respect of how people were at times often discarded and their basic human needs for companionship and things in their life that they valued ignored!
Thankfully in today’s times we value people with learning disabilities as individuals with needs, wants and aspirations. 

We know there is further to go to improve life chances and ensure people with learning disabilities are fully welcomed in their communities. However, that said at Partners for Inclusion we feel we owe it to the people who were in Lennox Castle never to forget what happened.  We shall continue to reflect our learning in the practise and services we provide to the people we support every day.

Finally, a huge thank you to Jimmy O’Rourke father of Patrick who Partners for Inclusion still supports to this who was a patient within Lennox Castle!

You can view the Radio 4 broadcast by clicking the link below which should take you to BBC Sounds.