About our Organisation

The Partners for Inclusion Group supports 116 people to live in their own individual homes/family home, with a small team of support practitioners who are matched to work for the person and provide bespoke, flexible and tailored support that meets their individual needs. The people we work for have a variety of support needs which varies from 2 to 24/7 hours of support.

The Partners for Inclusion Group has a Duty of Candour Policy and with Guidance for all team members. All team members undertake training to help them understand the Organisation’s Policy and the process of the Duty of Candour which could affect them.

Incident Reporting

All Health and Social Care Services in Scotland must provide annually, duty of candour report for their service. This is a legal requirement which means that when things go wrong and mistakes happen, the people affected understand what has happened, receive an apology, and that organisations learn how to improve for the future.

An important part of this duty is that we provide an annual report about the duty of candour in our services. This short report describes how our care service has operated the duty of candour during the time between 1 April 2021 and 31 March 2022. We hope you find this report useful.

As a supported living/care at home provider this information is sent to our regulator, the Care Inspectorate in eforms as notifications.

1. How many incidents happened to which the duty of candour applies?

From the April 2021 – March 2022 here have been no incidents in which a duty of candour applies.

2. Information about our Policy and Guidance

Where something has happened that triggers the duty of candour, our team members record and report this to their line manager, then the Registered Manager who has responsibility for ensuring that the duty of candour procedure is followed. The Registered Manager/delegated Manager, report as necessary to the Care Inspectorate. When an incident has happened, the relevant people will organise a debrief meeting. This allows everyone involved to review what happened and identify any changes for the future.

All new team members learn about the duty of candour at their induction. We know that serious mistakes can be distressing for team members as well as people who use care and their families. We have external counselling service to offer support for our team members if they have been affected by a duty of candour incident.

Where people we support are affected by the duty of candour, we have arrangements in place to provide support as necessary.

If you would like more information about the Partners for Inclusion Group, please email: reception@partnersforincluison.org