How are we doing supporting the people we work for?

This is a question we should be constantly asking ourselves as well as the people we work for. Our primary aim is to provide support that helps people live the life they choose. This is easy to give nice warm words around this but life as we all know can be full of ups and downs moments of great joy and sadness.

We all know life is complex so trying to answer the question, How are we doing? is much more complex than good bad or indifferent. That’s why we have to be constantly vigilant and truly open to recognising when things aren’t going so well as well as recognising when they are.

As well as looking from the inside of the organisation we are inspected by the regulator Care Inspectorate. This is a public document which is available on this website. A slide below show inspection grades of reported.

We also asked two organisations outside of Partners for Inclusion carry out what is known as an external evaluations, the first of which was undertaken across a broad section of PFI by Research Scotland, and a detailed examination of support we provide to 4 people by Orenda Consulting.

Research Scotland were chosen to do this work by a small group of people we work for, their families and staff within the organisation. They were asked to find out from people we work for, their families, staff within PFI and Councils who fund our services. The slides below show their findings.

Orenda Consulting who are Judith North and Kate Fulton both recognised experts in in the field of Learning disability and Mental Health. They were asked to take a much deeper look than either the Care Inspectorate or Research Scotland into the detail of how 4 very different people we work for are supported.

All of these very different types of evaluation showed there is much to celebrate but also things we need to try to improve. To conduct these evaluations takes a lot of time and effort from staff as well as from people we work for and their families.

To all those involved in giving up their precious time we say a big thank you. All this work is contributing to how aim to help people choose to live a life they choose.

Pete Richmond

​Please see below to find the the results of our findings.

Download the paper as a PDF using the link below.