* Male Support Practitioner – CJ/DA – 28hr plus sleepover and Variable Contracts Available

  • Ref: CJ/EM
  • Area: East Renfrewshire
  • Hours: Variable - 28 plus sleepover also
  • Pay: £12.60 per hour plus sleepover payment
  • Employer: Just Connections (part of the Partners for Inclusion Group)
  • Closing Date: 24th May 2024
  • Interview Date: TBC

Callum is a young man who lives in his own house in Neilston, East Renfrewshire.

Callum enjoys being an active member of his local community, and is well known in the area for his personality, but is always looking for opportunities to get to know more people.  He is really active, enjoying that he is recognised at his local gym, library, pub and bus routes, which he attends regularly.

Callum has a variety of hobbies and interests, and is a bit of a globetrotter, enjoying going on holiday, which may be part of your role if successful.  Callum really enjoys going clubbing, with a passion for music, especially live, so it’s a real bonus if you like a dance – you’ll be first to your feet and last off them!  Although, you might get a tap on the shoulder, as others are always asking him to dance.

Callum is recruiting for Support Practitioners at the moment in order to support him to maintain his interests and active lifestyle, and help maintain communication to and from Callum with those around him, but also to explore new experiences with him, discovering with Callum his skills, passions, and talents. 

What Callum is passionate about:

  • Travelling (near and far!)
  • Spending time with family
  • Cooking
  • Having meals out with loved ones and friends
  • Live music
  • Videogames
  • Dancing at the club, especially if it’s a good DJ with a thumping set!
  • DJ’ing – Callum has his own decks

What people that know and care about Callum say:

  • Callum is really sociable and friendly, always looking to welcome others.  He is kind, always wanting to help people out.
  • Callum is really funny, his sense of humour is great, and you can have a lot of banter with him.
  • Callum has a really strong personality – he’s not long in showing people what he’s all about.
  • He’s really attentive, and aware of what’s going on in other people’s lives, and really cares that those around him are well.

What People that Work for Callum say they enjoy:

  • Callum has a really kind soul, loves to look out for others.
  • It really lifts my spirits when Callum is feeling confident and having fun, he’s a man that smiles with his whole body!
  • I love going out to clubs with Callum – he’s always keen for a boogie.
  • Callum is always up to something or going out somewhere, I really like supporting someone that dynamic.

What Callum is looking for in a Support Practitioner:

  • A confident communicator, both in understanding what people are communicating, but making themselves well understood with spoken and written word.
  • Someone who understands that not all communication is done with words.
  • A forward thinker, and good at adapting to new situations.
  • Someone who is energetic and driven.
  • Someone who is good at building community connections.
  • Ability to work as part of a small, dynamic team.
  • Someone confident in IT
  • Someone that is able to understand and maintain appropriate boundaries to keep Callum safe.
  • Someone who is able to respect Callum’s wishes and work with him to achieve them.
  • Someone who is confident and can show leadership in stressful situations – in order to inspire confidence in those around them.
  • Someone always willing to learn, both from when we have supported Callum to make achievements that matter to him, and when we don’t quite get it right.
  • Someone that can hold their own on the PlayStation at times!

Desirable attributes to work as part of Callum’s team are:

  • Understanding or experience of supporting individuals with learning disabilities
  • Understanding or experience of supporting individuals with Autism or Autistic Spectrum Conditions (ASC)
  • Understanding or experience of modelling skills for the people they support
  • SVQ Level 2/3 in Social Care (or equivalent) or a willingness to work towards this.

*For this position gender, is a “Genuine Occupational Requirement” in line with the Equality Act 2010.

For further information please call Dale on 07765 246399