Partners for Inclusion Group exist to:

  • Support people with disabilities to live how they choose, whilst influencing and enhancing the opportunities available to all;
  • To share knowledge, experiences and learning with others.

Partners for Inclusion Group believes:

  • Everyone is equal and different, with their own gifts
  • Everyone has the ability to develop
  • Everyone has needs and the right to support in keeping with their basic human rights
  • Everyone’s relationships are valuable

To apply for a role with Partners for Inclusion, please complete the application form below and send it back to us.

Job Application form

Our People are the heart and soul of everything we do, meaning that all decisions are made by the person or those closest to them.

Everyone plays their part in helping us to deliver high-quality care and support, enabling everyone to live life the way they choose.

Listen to Marjorie’s experience of working for us

Support work is more than a job for Marjorie. It’s about making a genuine difference in someone’s life, watching them grow and develop and building a positive relationship that is rewarding for both the service user and the support worker. After 15 years at PFI, we catch up with Marjorie about all the varied aspects of her job and how it has changed her life for the better.

John’s thoughts

If you need to know anything about trains, then John is the person to ask. Since visiting a model shop in Maryhill, John has been building his own bespoke model train set with help from Cameron, a member of John’s team . Click the audio clip below to hear John speak about his love of trains, history and photography, and hear John tell us how his team support him to embrace his passion for his hobbies.

Rose’s experience from two different viewpoints.

‘For 14 years, Rose Logan has played an integral role at Partners for Inclusion as a Training and Admin Assistant. However, PFI became more than just a place of work when she brought the team on to support her brother David. In the 7 or 8 years that David has been supported by PFI, his confidence has developed immensely and his day to day life has vastly improved for the better and we’ve been there to help him along the way. From working at PFI to forging strong family ties, hear Rose talks about the incredible journey she has taken with Partners in the podcast below’. 

Four short, truly life affirming films

Scott leads the way…

James’s story