Alan is always full of boisterous laughter & keeps his team positive whilst they keep each other’s spirits up during #lockdown.

Alan has never really been a fan of eating outside despite his team’s best powers of persuasion & encouragement.

However, when his Team Facilitator, David, said that he sits outside with his partner when it’s sunny, Alan thought “hold on a minute…”

With some positive encouragement from his team Alan decided to give it a try…

Alan has also bought himself some garden games & has a steady hand throwing those beanbags @ that tower of cans…

Thanks for sharing with us Alan & team. You have brightened up our Friday.

Check back in next Friday if you can folks, to see what some of our other brilliant people supported & teams have been getting up to. Have a fab weekend & week stay home & stay safe for just a little while yet!!!

(PFI Website team)