James is a loyal supporter of Darvel football club and doesn’t like to miss a game. James enjoys the buzz and lead up to big games and has made quite a few friends whilst following his love of football and all things Darvel.

When one of James favourite players Fergie came into the club lounge he just had to get a picture.

James was rewarded for his loyal support all season long when he was given the match ball on one occasion.

However this was topped the day Darvel win the league when Fergie gave James his winning medal because he knew just how big a fan he is.

The match ball and medal take pride of place in James lounge.

James with one of the players showing his colours

James thought his day could not get any better on that winning league day, but he was wrong when not only did he get to hold the cup but he also got a picture with one of the players on the pitch.

Huge thanks to James for being so kind to share all of these special memories of fabulous days out.

And a huge thanks must also go to everyone at Darvel FC & all of James team who support him to ensure these days out are so special all season long.


James with match ball & winning league medal.