Margaret and her team members Marion & Gina have kicked off their cruise round the Med in Rome this week, and have reported back to base camp that they are singing and dancing it on down like dancing queens from ABBA .

Margaret and Marion enjoying some sunshine and a refreshing drink.

Margaret is quite rightly spending Money Money Money like it’s going out of fashion on this once in a lifetime experience which she saved very hard for.

Margaret with her boarding pass getting ready for a full night of entertainment.

Margaret’s has reached Montenegro & says she is having a fantastic time & doesn’t want to come home…

Margaret proving she is quite the social butterfly.
Margaret has not been short of a dancing partner & I’m sure you agree looks stunning in her party dress…
Margaret making friends & having a sing song with a fellow passenger up on the deck.

It’s a huge cheers from a very happy Margaret.

Margaret enjoying a refreshment.

And finally Margaret may be back in Ayrshire but she is already planning her next adventure.

However until then I am sure you agree both Margaret & Marion look Absolutely Fabulous in their party dresses.

Margaret & Marion all dressed up with plenty to do.
Margaret & Marion ready to party.