Our daughter Melissa has been supported by PFI for 7 years, in this time the physical and mental progress made by her has been quite unimaginable.

Person supported having a coffee
Melissa having an iced coffee.

Our daughter is 28 years old, lives very happily in her own home and has a support package and amazing team of staff that 7 years ago we could never have dreamed possible- dark days into the light indeed.

The support offered by PFI is totally bespoke, no one else will have the same package as our daughter and this is very much the key to success for all involved. As parents we are very much part of the team and our thoughts, feelings and opinions are always welcomed and valued- likewise we feel that as an organisation and a direct support team PFI are inspired and inspiring in their approach to supporting our daughter to “live her very best life”.

Pre-Covid she had a very full and varied social life and a network of friends with whom she enjoyed spending time, having fun and making happy memories. During Covid restrictions the support from her PFI team has been even more outstanding. She has been encouraged and guided safely to make the best of the situation with the person centred approach, much “thinking outside the box” and a team who have been innovative and meticulous in their planning. Indeed one year on, although our daughters life has been changed very much she is still happy, secure and settled in her home. This is due entirely to her bespoke support and we are in no doubt that this is the main reason that our daughters mental health and anxiety has not been compromised during the lockdowns.

Thank you to all in PFI for caring and going the extra mile during these extremely fraught and difficult times