Melissa celebrated her 30th Birthday in style recently, and said the best bit was welcoming all her friends and family to her party, 🎉 and finding everyone was up for a whole load of fun.

Melissa and her Funkie Team.

Mellisa spent a good bit of her evening on the dance floor enjoying all her favourite tunes. Melissa planned the party along with her team and Mum and Dad and everyone was delighted it all went as planned and a good night was had by all.  

Melissa topped off the evening by giving a speech 🎤 and thanking her team and everyone that helped her plan her party. Melissa likes her team to be known as Melissa’s Funkie team as that’s how she likes to live life. Melissa and all of us at PFI Group are so proud of this excellent example of teamwork and celebrating key milestones in life.

Thanks for sharing Melissa we are glad you had such a fab time.