We often celebrate the lives and the things the people we support have been getting up to.

However, we may not always remark on the fantastic work each of their teams are doing to build their confidence and safety assess each day out to ensure they are a success.

Our teams know the people they support really well and are aware that even simple things like not having reliable transport or having to queue or visiting environments where people may come close to entering their personal space, can be the difference between a very happy successful day and one becoming very challenging for them and the person they support!

At times this can have an impact on the support that can be offered for several months afterwards. It’s important to remember that people we support remember negative experiences for a lot longer than you and I may, because so many of them have had far more negative experiences than you and I. 

Patrick enjoying being back at Swimming!

Therefore,  another experience even if we may consider them to be small and easy to move on from if they were to occur in our own lives, can have significant consequences of inhibiting someone with a disabilities. As well as their progress to independence for many weeks, months, or at times years. 

Getting it right and fully understanding the person you support, and all their needs, is something all our teams hold dearly! They know it can be the huge difference between someone continuing to explore the world and grow and not having the confidence to progress!

As a result of COVID impact, our teams have patiently built back the confidence of the people they support and their families, about visiting environments that can be busy with people who may be more prone to infection and setbacks. 

Therefore in this post we ask that you not only celebrate the trust Patrick has put in his team to step out the house and have a good day; but all the work all of our teams within the Partners for Inclusion Group are doing to ensure the people they support have full lives with valuable activities that enrich their independence !

Patrick enjoying some sunshine with a few of his sensory / tactile instruments!
Patrick used to struggle having someone close to him cutting his hair. Just look at him now. Well done Patrick!
Patrick enjoying an ice cream!

Thank you to Patrick and his team for sharing these fabulous pictures.

Does your team or the person you support have a story they would like to share, please consider sharing it with us.

We like our website to be a reflection of the great lives & support our teams are providing,

so please consider sharing the story of the person you support or your journey with PFI.

James.Mclay@partnersforinclusion.org (Social Media assistant.)