East Ayrshire Vacancies

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Female Support Practitioner for Amy (KC/AM)

Amy lives in her own home in East Ayrshire. She is a very sociable young woman who loves living life to the full.   She has a very full social life and enjoys going shopping, pamper sessions, meeting friends, listening to her music, dancing, swimming, going out for dinner and going on holiday.  Amy has a wide circle of friends who she likes to meet up with on a regular basis. Amy builds a close bond to her team she has a great sense of humour.  Amy is a dog lover she loves to pet dogs when she is out and about and has family and friends with dogs who visit. Amy enjoys spending time with her family and friends catching up on all their goings on
  1. Hours: Casual
  2. Rate of Pay: £9.00 plus overnight payment
  3. Area: Kilmarnock
  4. Employer: Just Connections
  5. Closing Date: 27 September  2019
  6. Reference: KC/AM

Male Support Practitioner for Jason (DD/JW)

Hi I’m Jason I live in my own home in East Ayrshire, and I’m looking for a support practitioner to join my team.  I am is a bit of a practical joker I enjoy slap stick humour, I love insects, spiders, I like super heroes, watching films and listening to music I like different types of music, and I like to know what is going on around me.  I have a learning disability and I’m on the autistic spectrum, I find change difficult therefore getting the right people to support me is important. Please note for this post there is a need for candidates to participate in a rota which includes evening, weekends and sleepovers.
  1. Hours: Casual
  2. Rate of Pay: £9.00 plus overnight payment
  3. Area: East Ayrshire
  4. Employer: Just Connections
  5. Closing Date: 13 September 2019
  6. Reference: DD/JW

Support Practitioner for Raymond (DA/RC)

Raymond is a 47 year old man who lives in his own home in the Kilmarnock Area and communicates using British Sign Language.  Raymond is a sociable, outgoing man who loves to bowl, play bingo, watching football, technology, computing, going for drives in his car and meeting up with friends and family. Raymond is deaf and is looking for someone who can support someone to overcome barriers using creative thinking, positive reassurance and a calm and confident approach to promote social inclusion, build on existing relationships and support Raymond to pursue a job and his skills.
  1. Hours: 14 Hours
  2. Rate of Pay: £9.00 per hour
  3. Area: Kilmarnock, East Ayrshire
  4. Employer: Just Connections (a part of the Partners for Inclusion Group)
  5. Closing Date: 20 September 2019
  6. Reference: DA/RC