East Renfrewshire Vacancies

East Renfrewshire Vacancies this area covers – list the places.

Female Support Worker (ZM/LM/EF)

Are you patient, kind and understanding? I am looking for someone to support me with some daily living tasks and organisation I need someone who is confident and laid back and is a good communicator.
  1. Ref: ZM/LM/EF
  2. Hours:  8 hours
  3. Rate of Pay: £9.00
  4. Area: East Renfrewshire
  5. Employer: Linking Lives
  6. Closing Date: 29 November 2019

Senior Support Practitioner (ZM/LM/LL)

Looking for job where you can really see the difference you make in people’s lives? This is a great opportunity to join Partners for Inclusion’s Linking Lives team. The role is to provide direct support to people who live independently or with their family working across 5 local authorities.  
  1. Hours: Various
  2. Rate of Pay: £10.00
  3. Area: Across 5 Local Authorities
  4. Employer: Linking Lives
  5. Closing Date: 29 November 2019
  6. Reference: ZM/LM/LL

Support Practitioner for Alex - MS/LB/AG

We have a vacancy for a support practitioner in East Renfrew.  For this position you should be motivated, flexible, enthusiastic and energetic.  The job requires you to support a man with all aspects of his daily living including going to college, dance group, spending time with friends and family, holidays, football matches as well as household tasks.  It is essential for this role to support this man to expand his social circle and community links and work in a pro-active and forward thinking way to promote independence by encouraging communication through technology.
  1. Ref: MS/LB/AG
  2. Hours:  14 hours
  3. Rate of Pay: £9.00 plus overnight
  4. Area: East Renfrewshire 
  5. Employer: Partners for Inclusion
  6. Closing Date: 30th November 2019 

Support Practitioner for Jason (KC/JWM)

Jason is young man who lives in East Renfrewshire this is his first home of his own. Jason is well known is his local community and enjoys being out and about meeting new people.Jason has his own car which he enjoys getting out and about in.Jason is well known in his local community he has built up good relationships with his neighbours.People who know Jason say he is very artistic and is friendly with great sense of humour Jason loves being around people, he needs to know what is going on and likes clear communicationWorking with Jason is very rewarding as he enjoys visiting new places and learning about new things
  1. Ref: KC/JWM
  2. Hours:  shift work may include evening, weekends, and public holidays
  3. Rate of Pay: £9.00 plus overnight payment
  4. Area: East Renfrewshire
  5. Employer: Just Connections
  6. Closing Date: 29 November 2019

Support Practitioner for Xander (KC/XV)

Xander is a gentleman who lives in the Barrhead area he is passionate about football especially Celtic as this is his favourite team, he enjoys going to home games and cheering them on Xander is also a keen artist and music lover. Xander enjoys trying new things and visiting new places at his own pace as sometimes he is not always confident Xander needs someone who is patient and takes time to get to understand his communication Xander has a really good sense of humour and enjoys learning about new people. Xander has a family and friends that he enjoys keeping in touch with
  1. Ref: KC/XV
  2. Hours:  14hours Variable
  3. Rate of Pay: £9.00
  4. Area: East Renfrewshire
  5. Employer: Just Connections
  6. Closing Date: 29 November 2019

Support Worker for Callum - MS/LB/CB

We have a vacancy for a Support Worker in the East Renfrewshire area to support a young guy Callum who lives in his own home. Callum is pretty independent and has developed skills including around his house and getting out and about his local community. At the Partners group we work on the matching process, Callum with the support of his family will choose the best team of people to support him in a way that makes sense to him, therefore its important that you enjoy the same things. See below for what Callum enjoys: ·         Enjoys being outdoors walking ·         Enjoys his laptop and I pad having his own space at times ·         Callum loves open space and enjoys running ·         He likes browsing around charity shops Watching Disney movies Ref: MS/LB/CB Hours: 14 Hours Rate of Pay: £9.00 Area: East Renfrewshire Employer: Partners for Inclusion Closing Date: 30th November 2019