Renfrewshire Vacancies

Renfrewshire Vacancies this area covers – list the places.

Female Support Practitioner (ZM/LM/JH)

Are you kind, caring and looking to make a difference in someone’s life?

This is the opportunity for you!

Jackie is a big character who enjoys being out in the local community, attending her job, coffee mornings and the odd concert. Jackie is looking for a mature lady to join her team to support her to maintain her home, finances, personal care as well as getting out and about to various activities.
  1. Ref: AM/LM/JH
  2. Hours: Various contracts starting from 7 hours per week
  3. Rate of Pay: £9.00
  4. Area: Renfrewshire
  5. Employer: Linking Lives
  6. Closing Date: 29 November 2019

Senior Support Practitioner (ZM/LM/LL)

Looking for job where you can really see the difference you make in people’s lives? This is a great opportunity to join Partners for Inclusion’s Linking Lives team. The role is to provide direct support to people who live independently or with their family working across 5 local authorities.  
  1. Hours: Various
  2. Rate of Pay: £10.00
  3. Area: Across 5 Local Authorities
  4. Employer: Linking Lives
  5. Closing Date: 29 November 2019
  6. Reference: ZM/LM/LL

Support Practitioners (KMC/CB)

I am looking to recruit a support practioner, to join my team in Renfrew, Renfrewshire. The contract would be 16 hours per week. I’m a young woman who is moving into my own home. I spend a lot of time out travelling on Public transport, so a good local, and city centre knowledge would be a plus! I love going to shopping centres and looking around all my favourite shops and going for meals. I want to get the opportunity to find employment in the retail sector. I love trying new places and new activities so someone creative and can bring new ideas to my live would be great!
  1. Ref: KMC/CB
  2. Rate of Pay: £9.00 per hour
  3. Area: Renfrewshire, Renfrew
  4. Employer: Partners for Inclusion
  5. Closing Date: 11 November 2019