Through the Self Directed Support Act 2013 and its 4 Options you can choose who provides your support. Here at Partners for Inclusion Group most of the people we support are funded through the local authority.

You can see a short film here about each of the options or if you prefer an easy read guide can be found here

Lisa knows the importance of her ISF
Lisa knows her ISF means she’s in control.

Partners for Inclusion Group work in a very individualised way

You have your own Individual Service Fund , this is used solely to meet your outcomes and not put into a big pot and shared with anyone else. This approach gives you more control, choice and flexibility over the support you receive and how you choose to use your budget.

This also means that you get support at the times that suit you and not fitted around what is convenient for others.

Working together with the people that know you best, helps to plan how your support will look like. This means living the life you want and how we work jointly to make this happen.

To get Local Authority funding, you will need to request an assessment from your social work office; they will help determine the best financial option for you.