Alistair has just enjoyed a lovely holiday in brand new accommodation in the Warwickshire countryside called Windmill Barns.

The accommodation was ideal and included overhead hoists and lifts, and was just ideal in terms of meeting all of Alistair’s needs.

Location wise the accommodation was a perfect base in terms of accessing a variety of planned outings all within easy reach. The surrounding areas also had beautiful walks in and around the Cotswolds and surrounding areas and overall it was just a lovely holiday as you see from the smiles on Alistair’s face in the pictures below.

Alistair enjoying the outdoor space at his accommodation.
Alistair admiring the big wheel
Alistair getting a thumbs up from a friendly Knight.
Alistair Team member and statue.

Alistair also spent a day in Stratford Upon Avon and enjoyed the boats, fair, lots of music from street performers, and the loud noise of the swans and wildlife in the river.

Alistair also traveled up to Birmingham to visit Cadbury world {lots of nice samples} which was fully accessible and had a chair lift which meant Alistair could access a ride which had lots of sensory stimuli for him to enjoy.

Alistair at the riverside.
Alistair enjoyed the buzz of the Fairground.

The highlight of Alistair’s trip however was his visit to Drayton Manor Park, which has a specific area dedicated to animation which Alistair was very excited to explore.

Alistair & one of his team members arriving at Thomas Land.
Alistair just had to get a close up with Thomas.
Alistair with with some of the Thomas land staff & his team members.
Alistair checked in with James as well as Thomas.

Can we offer a huge thank you to Alistair and his team members for sharing the details of what looked like a fabulous holiday.